We had a meeting this evening.  Minutes to follow soon. Approved minutes will now be available by visiting the Resources page.


Please note: After receiving several comments that our RFP draft was so drafty that it may actually cause problems, we as a board decided to take the text down until we've managed to clean it up a bit. We apologize for any confusion this may cause, and as always welcome your input and questions. Please keep checking back or join our mailing list, and we'll have an actual working draft back up soon.


MINUTES OF MEETING OF EAST MONTPELIER FIRE DISTRICT #1 WEDNESDAY, 8th DECEMBER 2010 AT 7:09 PM Prudential Committee Members Present: Steve Gilman Edward Burgess Rubin Bennett Moved by Steve Gilman To approve the meeting minutes from Oct 20 2010 Second by Edward Burgess Motion Carried Bylaws Discussion: By-laws draft is nearly ready to be mailed to members of the Fire District. Annual meeting has been warned for 7pm on January 12th at the East Montpelier Fire Department. Request for Proposal discussion: Committee will continue editing the RFP for engineering services to evaluate the Crystal Springs Water system. There was discussion about the Route 14 bridge. Moved by Edward Burgess Adjourn meeting Second by Rubin Bennett Motion Carried. 8:17pm meeting adjourned. Download the file as a PDF [url=assets/Files/2010-12-08MINUTESOFMEETINGOFEASTMONTPELIERFIREDISTRICT.pdf]here[/url].


We present the Agenda for the Annual meeting to be held on 12 January, 2011 at 7:00PM at the East Montpelier Fire Station Community Room. 1) 7:00pm - Call meeting to order (sign in for all present) 2) 7:05pm - Approval of December meeting minutes (Prudential Cmte.) 3) 7:10pm - Bylaws discussion and voting 4) 7:30pm - Review sanitation report on Crystal Springs 5) 7:50pm - Additional business 6) 8:05pm - Adjournment


PUBLIC NOTICE East Montpelier Fire District #1 This notice is to inform the public that the next regular monthly meeting of the East Montpelier Fire District #1 will be held on December 8, 2010 at 7:00pm at the East Montpelier Fire Department Community Room. Agenda 1.) 7:00 - Call meeting to order (sign in for all present). 2.) 7:05 - Approval of November meeting minutes (Prudential Cmte.). 3.) 7:10 - Annual meeting discussion/final preparation (By-Laws). 4.) 7:30 - Start RFP for engineering services (Ashley Lucht-State of VT). 5.) 8:00 - Future sleeve for Rt. 14 S. bridge (Bob Morey, Village Cmte.) 6.) 8:15 - Any other business. 7.) 8:30 - Adjournment. The registered voters residing within the Fire District boundaries and general public are welcome to attend this meeting. Any questions or comments may be directed to Steve Gilman, Chair East Montpelier Fire District #1 at 223-0803 or 522-7894 (email: Please visit website for more information:


Our first meeting is to be presided over by the East Montpelier Select Board on 20 October, 2010. At that meeting we will discuss our draft bylaws, and elect our initial slate of Prudential Committee members and Officers of the Fire District. We will present the following slate of officers at the forthcoming meeting: Prudential Committee (time frames set per bylaws and advisor's recommendations): Chair of the Prudential Committee: Steve Gilman, 1yr Vice Chair, Prudential Committee: Ed Burgess, 2yr Prudential Committee Member: Rubin Bennett, 3yr Clerk: Ed Burgess Collector: Rubin Bennett Treasurer: Loretta Bressette We welcome discussion and participation as always, we hope to see you all on Wednesday!


We've received some legal input on our bylaws, thanks to J. Paul Giulianni. In the continuing interest of openness, we have uploaded the marked up document for review and input. As always we welcome your input and comments. The document can be found [url=assets/Files/EAST-MONTPELIER-FD-BYLAWS-with-margin-notes-by-lawyer.pdf]here[/url].


After a brief e-mail discussion where I finally got my head wrapped around what the Select Board was after, we are providing a list of current Crystal Springs customers to the Select Board. In our discussion, it came out that in our efforts to notify folks about the newly formed Fire District, we had sent notices of the process to current Crystal Springs customers, but not to folks who live inside the boundaries of the Fire District, but are not customers of the water system. The Select Board, in their appropriate desire to ensure that due process and proper notification procedures are followed, asked for the current list of Crystal Springs members, so that they can compare that list to the properties that are inside the boundaries of the Fire District and ensure that all potentially affected parties are duly notified of the new Fire District. We expect this list to be fairly small - the Fire District boundaries were laid out purposefully to not encompass a larger area than necessary, but we share the Select Board's desire to follow due process, and give everyone ample opportunity to be heard. As always, if anyone has any questions about any of the proceedings or anything to do with the Fire District, give one of the members of either the Fire District Committee or the East Montpelier Select Board a call or e-mail. Committee member contact information can be found on our [URL=contact-us]Contact Us[/URL] page.


Bruce Johnson of the East Montpelier Select Board worked with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission to create a map that does have the legal boundaries of the Fire District, properly superimposed on an official map of the Town. He has generously provided the maps that they created, and they are posted as a large format printout at the Town Offices, and in digital form on the [URL]Resources[/URL] page. Our heartfelt thanks to Bruce for his efforts!


Well, it's official! We have Select Board approval to form East Montpelier Fire District Number 1! We've submitted the final version of the Certification of Proceeding for signoff by the chair of the Select Board, and our first meeting (to be presided over by the Select Board) is set for August 16th, 2010 at 6:45PM. The agenda for our first meeting consists of a single item: Electing the members of the Prudential Committee. We are happy to hear from you - if you are a member of the Fire District and are interested in serving, please contact a committee member! Thanks to everyone who has come to the public hearings and participated in the process so far! Now, the hard work begins...

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